A casement window has stylish side-hinged frames that provide excellent ventilation. It consists of a pultruded fiberglass exterior that is naturally strong and durable. Unlike single suspension windows that have a center track that obstructs the view, this type of window meets storm requirements and guarantees outdoor performance. It consists of a folding handle and a sequential multi-point closure system that guarantees its launch.
Fixed frameless windows blend in with the wall using it primarily in large openings. In this way we get a more open and natural place. The fixed windows will be used in places such as the dining room or living rooms or even in bedrooms giving it a better appearance. These windows can be used in all those places where ventilation is not a problem, we always guarantee our work and a window against the hurricanes.
This product is fully designed and tested to meet Florida requirements, it has a high hurricane resistance with a speed of (HVHZ). Our installers will fit a window rated for large and small missile hits. It has a glass based on ASTM E1300-09 (3 SEC.
It is a sliding window perfectly designed to respond to the exits of each room and give a style to your home both contemporary and modern.
Simple hanging windows are a product that is ideal for any part of the room of your home, it is designed and its glass is worked for strong gusts of wind and hurricane seasons, it is a window that will now give you space and will give your home a better appearance. Don’t worry if you live oceanfront, these windows are hurricane speed (HVHZ) treated.

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